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The reception was a blast with DJ B-Still behind the Mic and the music played really set the tone for the evening.  Personally I would recommend Bobby to others due to his personality alone.  I believe it's hard to find a DJ to meet your needs who's not soaked in the corporate feel as I see in other DJ company's.

Danial & Lindsay D., 

Thank you so much for being the DJ at my wedding. I could not have chosen a better man to do the job. He traveled back to Columbus after he moved to Mississippi. What commitment! We chose the most perfect man to work with us and the price was worth it. Thanks again for everything.

Niki P., BRIDE

​“I was very pleased to discover that he was everything I ever wanted in a DJ.”

Melissa S., BRIDE

Made sure I was happy, crowd was dancing and we were having a blast....PRICELESS!”

Natalie R., BRIDE

B Still is da bomb at DJing! Such a vast collection of music to pump up any occasion!

Sarah H. 

If you want your get together to be talked about for years, with loads of fun memories you must have Ya Heard me Productions there, he will keep your toes tapping, you guests laughing and dancing the night away.


Bobby is an amazing DJ! His smooth professionalism and creative mixes makes the experience memorable. He has the pulse of the party and knows exactly when and what to play. We had him for our high school reunion and he brought the "old school" hits that ignited the evening with old memories and good times.


YHMP. Wow! What difference it makes when you hire the right DJ! You made the night! My only regret is that they made us close down so early! Many thanks!​


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